How To Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day Without Painkillers Or Injections

How To Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day Without Painkillers Or Injections

How To Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day Without Painkillers Or Injections

Are you one of those people who spend long hours on their feet every day, always moving around? Being a construction worker or a nurse, you may have to work for hours, on your feet.

It’s no surprise you struggle with excruciating pain that sets in after standing for long hours.

The pain is not just a physical discomfort; it affects your mental state too, making you avoid physical activities and reducing the quality of your life beyond work hours. If you have to spend all of your time outside of work resting or limiting your movement due to foot pain, it sounds like you’re missing out on many of the things that make life great! 

Working in construction or as a nurse means you give a lot of yourself for the benefit of others. It’s time you took action and did something for yourself.

In this blog, you will find five methods that can help answer the question of how to stop foot pain from standing all day.

Stop the cycle of painkillers and injections that may take away the pain temporarily but do not fix the problem in the long term.

“Why Am I Experiencing Foot Pain After Standing All Day?”

Firstly, let’s understand why your feet hurt after standing for extended periods.

When you stand, your feet have to bear your body weight, which puts additional load and pressure on the muscles, bones, and joints.

After hours of standing, your feet may develop inflammation, swelling, and pain. Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly or standing on a hard surface can make your pain even worse.

Moreover, the lack of proper rest and stretches also adds to the strain, leading to chronic pain in the long run. 

You may also find, that your foot pain has been leading to pain elsewhere, like your back for example.

Our bodies are incredibly adaptive and will compensate for any imbalances or weaknesses. If we favor one foot due to pain or discomfort, it can create an imbalance in our posture and weight distribution, placing increased strain on the back and potentially causing additional pain.

Take care of your feet; they are the foundation of your body’s movements!

Five Methods To Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day:

Invest In Proper Footwear:

Shoes that fit well and provide proper cushioning to the feet can help in reducing foot pain significantly.

Choose shoes with good arch support and shock-absorbing soles that distribute the load of your weight evenly across your foot.


Take breaks in between and stretch your legs and feet. Rotate your feet and ankles tracing the alphabet and stretch your calf muscles.

Massaging your feet with a tennis ball or rolling pin, promoting blood circulation, and reducing inflammation caused due to standing.

Change Positions Frequently:

Shift your weight from one foot to the other frequently, relieving the pressure and relaxing the worn-out muscles.

Elevate your feet at the end of the day to let the blood flow back to your core muscles.

A Hot Soak:

Submerging your feet in warm water with Epsom salt or olive oil can provide instant relief from pain and tightness in the soles.

Heat therapy helps to relax tight muscles and improve flexibility, easing stiffness and improving range of motion.

Use An Ice Pack:

Ice acts as a natural numbing agent, numbing the nerves and temporarily numbing the pain signals to your brain to give instant relief. 

Ice therapy can accelerate the healing process and promote faster recovery.

Alternating between both cold and heat therapy can help to reduce inflammation, and calm the tissues.

While ice/heat packs are effective they are also incredibly inconvenient. Having to pack extra measures every day and set aside time to apply ice and or heat in an already busy schedule can leave you overwhelmed and most importantly still in pain. 

How To Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day For Good

Standing for long hours and not addressing the pain can lead to serious foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and tendonitis in the future. It is essential to take care of your feet and follow the above-mentioned methods to avoid pain altogether.

However, while these tips for relieving foot pain after standing all day can be effective, they often come with inconveniences like carrying around ice packs or constantly thinking about exercises and stretching. Isn’t it time for a permanent solution? 

Power Physical Therapy offers lasting relief from foot pain without the hassle, that’s why so many people have chosen Power Physical Therapy to help with their pain. Our expert therapists are here to help you regain your mobility, alleviate discomfort, and get back to work and enjoy your free time rather than resting! 

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Your feet will thank you!

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