5 Reasons You Need To Stretch More Often

5 Reasons You Need To Stretch More Often

5 Reasons You Need To Stretch More Often

Stretching is an important element of physical therapy. In fact, targeted stretch are incorporated into practically every physical therapy treatment plan!

Everyone can benefit from stretching, including athletes aiming to improve their technique and seniors seeking relief from chronic aches and pains.

This practice not only improves flexibility, but it’s also a natural approach to relieve discomfort and make any subsequent physical therapy treatments go more smoothly.

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What benefits do stretching offer?

There are a lot of benefits of stretching that are not always discussed. The top 5 benefits are:

1. Sports and work performance could be improved.

The more you condition your muscles, joints, and ligaments, the better your athletic performance. This is particularly true for athletes. Bodybuilders, for example, recover from reps considerably faster when they stretch as a cool-down.

Golfers can extend their reach by expanding their hips and shoulder range of motion. By stretching and honing their balance, swimmers can even out their strokes. If you’re an athlete, stretching can make a big difference in your results.

2. You can gain unexpected relief.

We forget how intertwined our bodies are at times. It goes without saying that if we have back pain, we should stretch our backs. Stretching your legs during physical therapy, on the other hand, might occasionally bring surprising back relief. Your hamstrings, upper thighs, and hips can all help you get rid of lower back pain! Stretching different regions of your body can, in essence, bring relief to locations you may not have realized.

Similarly, strengthening your posture by stretching your torso can give the support you need to prevent your spine from compressing, reducing shoulder and neck pain.

3. Stretch can help prevent painful injuries.

The risk of damage increases when muscles are tight or stiff. This happens because, despite your best efforts, that particular area of your body isn’t performing at its best.

Stretching loosens up your muscles while also increasing range of motion and improving balance, all of which contribute to injury prevention. All of these characteristics can save you from making the kinds of mistakes that contribute to injury, such as landing too hard on one foot, twisting your back too far, or falling due to a loss of balance.

4. You’ll have better blood circulation.

Stretching can help you relax, but it has other benefits for your heart and musculoskeletal system as well! Stretching is important for practically all aspects of your physical ability.

Tight muscles reduce the amount of oxygen available to the body, depriving it of the nutrients it requires. Stretching aids in the reversal of the process. You’ll benefit from enhanced blood flow to your joints and throughout your body if you stretch frequently.

5. Your range of motion can be improved.

The range of motion of your joints refers to how well they can move in all directions. This has an impact on everything you do! Your range of motion can be limited if you have a restricting condition like arthritis or an accident.

Range of motion is essential for both daily life and fitness endeavors, whether it’s moving your head to view behind you while driving or bending your knee freely while running. Stretching can help you improve your range of motion by reducing stiffness and increasing flexibility.

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As you can see, there are many reasons why you may want to think about adding stretching to your lifestyle. There are numerous other health benefits to stretching, in addition to the ones we provided above.

One of the dedicated physical therapists at Power Physical Therapy in Costa Mesa, CA can help you figure out the best stretches for your lifestyle, whether it’s dynamic, static, pre-activity, or post-activity.

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