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If you are on this website then you’re likely looking for a physical therapy clinic here in Costa Mesa, California. You may also be dealing with an injury or pain that is starting to affect your life more than you want it to. You likely are having trouble with getting a good nights sleep, going about your day without have to “take a rest”, taking care of your family, exercising, running, and keeping up with your favorite activities. Most of the people we help are active adults looking for a permanent solution to their problem. If this sounds like you…


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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Power Physical Therapy in Costa Mesa

Daniel S. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I came here for PT after experiencing a lot of tightness and pain in and around my neck primarily related to a prior surgery. I had difficulty sleeping without intense pain. Going through PT, I have noticed a huge improvement. The patient-focused, friendly therapy I have received here has helped me get better sleep at night and work without being a pain the neck. Thank you Dr. Mark!

- Daniel S.

Kate C. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

This is a very knowledgeable and caring group that truly cares about their patients’ progress and well-being. Dr. Mark spends as much time as needed to explain and educate his patients and assist them to achieve maximum health. I would recommend Dr. Mark to anyone and have had a very positive outcome with him!

- Kate C.

Jorge M. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I came in having just re-straining my lower back six weeks before my wedding with lots of pain and limited motion. Dr. Mark got me on the path to feeling better and getting range of motion back on day one. I am confident that his care helped me to be able to dance and have most of my mobility back for my wedding. I came in not being able to put on shoes or pants from pain and I left being able to touch my toes pain-free.

- Jorge M.

Chris M. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

This is my second time coming for a different injury and my experience was as great as the first time. When I came in for my neck issues, I had problems loosening up certain areas and was really stiff. Fast forward 6 weeks and I feel much looser and flexible with exercises I had trouble with in the beginning. My traps have gotten much stronger which is the last thing I expected, considering I had neck issues. I am beyond happy with my Physical Therapy experience.

- Chris M.

George A. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

When I first came to Power Physical Therapy, I was dealing with Parkinson’s disease and had just had my halo removed after 3 ½ months, following my fall precipitated C2 fracture. I had nearly zero rotation, which made it difficult to drive safely. Little by little, with painstaking and consistent therapy, my rotation is now in the mid 40’s. The entire staff was exceedingly and passionately helpful in guiding my road to recovery. I am now very comfortable driving as well as completing other sundry daily tasks that had previously been difficult or impossible for me.

- George "Buzz" A.

I came to Power PT with a tailbone injury. Dr. Nowlin and his staff were very welcoming, friendly and empathetic of my situation. I was given easy to remember stretches and exercises that I could do at home. As weeks of physical therapy continued, Dr. Nowlin added exercises to build strength and help me in my road to recovery. Dr. Nowlin would take the time to listen to any concerns I had and answer all my questions. Dr. Nowlin’s staff was always smiling and maintained positive and professional attitudes. I would recommend Power PT to anyone with any type of injury!

- Kristin A.

Kristin G. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

My experience with Power PT was life-changing! Sports-related injuries over years of running track left me with a dull lower back pain that consistently persisted. I had trouble doing most physical activities. Before physical therapy, I was in pain after standing or sitting for long periods of time. After three months of PT, I am doing great! I am able to run, hike and most physical activities without back pain. I would not be doing great without the help of Eric and Dr. Mark. Thank you for giving me my life back!!

- Kristin G.

Michael A Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

My time at Power Physical Therapy was fantastic. Dr. Mark and his staff could not have treated me better. My treatment went longer than expected, only because they are not rushing you out for patient turnover. It was a great experience!

- Michael A.

Robert D Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I came to Power Physical Therapy with a neck that I could not turn fully because of a back injury. I was in pain, not sleeping well, and couldn’t do my usual routine. So glad I found Power PT. Dr. Mark, Stephanie, and everyone else there was a huge help! No pain now I can turn my head, I am sleeping fine, and am getting more exercise than ever. My posture is also much better. Highly recommend Power!

- Robert D.

Zubair A Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

My back has been injured twice and with the help of Dr. Mark, I have been able to heal and continue with an active lifestyle. Initially, the pain was so bad I couldn’t even sneeze without feeling discomfort! After about one month of therapy, I was able to heal up and was completely back to normal. I want to thank Dr. Mark and his staff for their hard work and dedication.

- Zubair A.

Mark C. Nowlin

Dr. Mark’s Story…

Mark C. Nowlin, DPT, OCS, CSCS is a California licensed Physical Therapist, and a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Dr. Nowlin has 15 years of experience specializing in orthopedic and sport medicine physical therapy. He is recognized as an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS), something that less than 10% of Physical Therapists in California have achieved. He founded Power Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in 2011.

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