Has a sports injury left you on the bench? Try Kinesio taping!

Kinesio taping helps to relieve pain caused by a variety of injuries. It aids in the recovery of injuries, increases mobility, and improves range of motion. Most importantly, it can help you resume activities you enjoy!

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How will I benefit from Kinesio taping in Costa Mesa, CA?

Kinesio taping can help you recover for a variety of reasons! It can, for example, repair damaged connections between the skin and the muscles, joints, and tendons to restore function. This is exciting because Kinesio taping can prevent pain receptors from reaching the brain. This leads to fewer spasms! As a result, the muscles in the affected area will relax.

Here are some additional benefits:

Scar tissue treatment

Scar tissue can form around an injured area of your body as it heals. Unfortunately, scar tissue can become so dense that it obstructs brain communication. Kinesio taping can stretch scar tissue, allowing signals to move and, as a result, increasing mobility.

Reduced swelling

Swelling caused by surgery, injury, or overuse can be reduced with Kinesio taping. It reduces the pressure between the skin and the tissues beneath it. As a result, any fluid accumulation can flow freely, allowing the affected area to move more freely.

Joint stabilization

When you have an injury, it may be difficult for your body to maintain proper joint positioning. Kinesio tape helps to stabilize and support painful joints. They will, however, be permitted to move within their normal range of motion.

Pain relief

The brain does not receive pain signals from the affected area because taping inhibits pain receptors. Muscles relax as a result, allowing for greater mobility and faster recovery. Overall, you will have a more relaxing treatment experience.

What can I expect from Kinesio taping?

Our Costa Mesa, CA physical therapist will evaluate your condition and determine whether this treatment option is right for you. If this is the case, your therapist will apply tape to any stiff or uncomfortable areas of your body. In addition, your therapist may incorporate a variety of exercises and techniques into your treatment plan.

Many people have discovered that by using this treatment, they can return to their normal daily routine pain-free! If you believe you could benefit from Kinesio taping, schedule an appointment with Power Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine today.

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