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Hip and Knee Pain can be Troublesome – Physical Therapy can Bring Relief

Hip and Knee Pain Relief
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Don’t Suffer from Hip and Knee Pains Any Longer!

Hip joint pain and knee pain can seriously interfere with your life, especially if you are dealing with both. Whichever may be paining you, physical therapy can help get to the root of your problem safely and comfortably, without the need for harmful drugs or surgery.

Are your knees feel painful, or even feel as if they may buckle underneath you without warning? Do sharp pains in your hip make it difficult to get up in the mornings, move about during the day, and lie back down at night?

Request an appointment with Power Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine to relieve your hip and knee pain altogether, sparing you the need for potentially harmful medication or surgical correction.

How will physical therapy help me find relief?

The physical therapy treatments at Power Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine can help to greatly reduce your hip and knee pain. Our Costa Mesa, CA physical therapists will examine your hip and/or knee for signs of misalignment or structural damage, in addition to examining your stance, posture, gait, and range of motion. In many cases, our physical therapist can relieve your pain altogether, sparing you the need for potentially harmful medication or surgical correction.

After your physical exam is complete, our physical therapist will prescribe a physical therapy plan for you, aimed at relieving unnatural stresses and strains. They will also focus on normalizing your joint function so you can get back to living life comfortably.

You will be given targeted exercises designed for relieving joint pain and stabilizing the weak hip and/or knee. The exercises may vary depending on your condition; for example, research has demonstrated that those suffering from patella pain (kneecap pain) tend to respond better to exercises that focus on strengthening both the hips and knees, rather than just focusing on the knees alone.

You may also be given exercises designed to strengthen the core, including your lower back muscle groups, lower abdominal muscle groups, or pelvic muscles. Core exercises are aimed at straightening your posture and equalizing the weight load on both sides of your body. Additional specialized treatments may also be added as our physical therapists deem fit, such mobilizations to improve joint movement or other soft tissue treatments that relieve pain and promote the healing of damaged hips and/or knees.

What’s causing my hip and knee pain?

Many times, the hips and knees suffer the same diseases, disorders, and injuries. For example, overuse injuries such as tendinitis and chronic muscle strain are common in both the hips and knees because both joints are constantly in use. They are also both subject to acute injuries, such as sprains, strains, and dislocation.

Hip and knee pain can also be caused by referred pain from a pinched sciatic nerve, as the nerve travels through both areas. Imbalances in your stance or gait may cause abnormal stresses and premature wear-and-tear in your hips and knees, resulting in painful symptoms of arthritis.

Some painful conditions may be specific to one joint or the other. Cartilage injuries known as labral tears are specific to hip pain, while inflammation of the bursa sacs known as bursitis is a specific condition affecting the knee joint. However, painful injuries that cause instability in the hips can also affect the knees. Tight hip flexor muscles and weak gluteus medius muscles can cause the hip to rotate inward without you realizing it. This can cause painful problems such as iliotibial band friction syndrome or patellofemoral stress syndrome, as stress is put on the knee or kneecap.

Our Clients Experience Hip & Knee Relief!

When I came in, my hips were very stiff and painful. In the three months of physical therapy at Power Physical Therapy and homework assignments while away from Mark and company, my range of motion strength, strength and stamina are much improved. Even better than that is my pain is drastically reduced. Much thanks to Mark and the company at Power Physical Therapy.

– Bob S.

My experience at Power Physical Therapy was awesome. Mark was a great doctor. He was great at checking on how I was doing and his recovery plan for my knee allowed me to get back on the baseball field quickly! Thanks to the people at Power PT, my knee feels leaps and bounds better than before I came in. I will be forever grateful for my time here at Power PT and am excited to continue my baseball journey!

– Zachary C.

When I first came to PT, I remember my knee being very swollen. I had a hard time with the bike riding and the heel downs were nearly impossible for me to do. I’ve come such a long way since me beginning here. 20 heel downs and I’ve doubled my weight in my leg exercises. Swelling is almost nonexistent and pain is virtually gone. Thank you!

– Robert A.

I started coming to Power Physical Therapy after my second of four surgeries related to one knee injury. Throughout the one and half years of surgeries, I was unable to perform any physical activities that involved the knee. Due to the nature of the injury and recovery, my left quad, calf, and hamstring severely atrophied. During my tenure here, they were able to help rebuild much of my muscles and strength back where physical activities were possible. Though I was instructed never to play soccer again, I am still able to jog, lift, and do many of the activities I loved and thought I may not be able to do without pain.

– John S

So, how did my pain develop?

Hip and knee pains can be experienced together or separately, but it is important to note that as the old saying goes, your knee bone is connected to your hip bone, therefore what happens with one, affects the other. Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint that works to support the weight of your upper body, relying on multiple muscles and tissues to keep it mobile and stable so it can move properly. Your knee is a hinge joint, confined to forward-and-backward motions. Individually, your knees support more weight than the hips, 6 times your body weight when doing a squat. Proper movement of both your hips and knees allows complicated motions giving you the ability to stand, walk, run, and dance without falling over.

Pain felt in the hips and/or knees may originate in the joints themselves, but it may also be a result of an underlying condition in another part of the body. For example, your hips and knees are part of the same kinetic chain, meaning they make up a combination of weight-bearing joints that must function together in harmony in order for your body and posture to function properly. Therefore, a problem with your knee joint may transmit abnormal forces to your hips, and vice versa. If one part of the kinetic chain is out of balance, stress and deterioration may be placed on another.

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