Ultimate Pitchers Guide To Preventing Shoulder Injuries In Softball And Baseball

Ultimate Pitchers Guide To Preventing Shoulder Injuries In Softball And Baseball

Baseball Pitcher Suffering From A Shoulder Injury

For softball and baseball pitchers, shoulder pain is a common problem and either wrecks your performance or leaves you sat on the bench unable to play.

And while shoulder problems are linked closely to pitching, it doesn’t mean that it’s an inevitable challenge you’ll have to suffer from.

Often shoulder pain, stiffness, and injuries are a result of poor training plans, improper technique, or insufficient recovery strategies… the “lucky” pitchers who never suffer from shoulder injuries probably have a much better shoulder care routine than you do.

3 Steps To Prevent Shoulder Injuries For Baseball And Softball Pitchers

Your shoulder is a very complex joint, and it’s connected to lots of other body parts that can influence its stability, mobility, and performance (such as the neck, upper back, and rotator cuff).

And while everyone pitcher’s shoulder problem is unique, there are some universal strategies that should help you to avoid soreness and tightness in your shoulder the next time you step up to the plate.

1 – Avoid Excessive Shoulder Movements Around Games And Practice

Overuse injuries are common for pitchers, so if you are playing games, practicing, and working your shoulders hard in the gym, you are putting yourself at a big risk of shoulder injuries.

During the season, be smart with how much you are working your shoulders off the field.

Because an injury could have a significant impact on your game, and even put an end to your season entirely if you don’t prioritize recovery between games.

You can reduce the stress on your shoulder when pitching and throwing by using a proper movement pattern that keeps the shoulder stable and flowing through a safe, yet powerful motion.

2 – Use A Foam Roller Or Tennis Ball To Accelerate Recovery

We’ve talked about the importance of recovery, after games and practice, and there are so many recovery options (which you should choose based on your specific needs by the way).

However, one useful recovery tip is to use a foam roller, or a tennis ball as a self-massage tool.

This is important because it can increase circulation to the area, which helps to flush away toxins and by-products of exercises that are built up through exercise.

This can help you to recover from soreness faster and free you up from the stiffness you may suffer from after pitching.

It’s important to note, that these techniques are difficult to do without proper guidance, so if you want to recover faster from baseball or softball, then a great way to get more help and advice is with a Free Telephone Consultation or call us on (714)-557-2100.

You can speak to one of our expert physical therapists in Costa Mesa, CA, share your story, and receive personalized advice to minimize your injuries and shoulder pain.

3 – Strengthen Your Shoulder Muscles During The Offseason

During the season, your training shouldn’t really focus on significant strengthening because a lot of the focus should be on recovering from games and improving your performance.

However, during the offseason, adding a phase of strength building for your entire body (not just your shoulders) is important if you want to improve your pitching, and keep injuries away when you play again.

Your body can only handle so much, so save the strength-building training phases for the offseason when you aren’t having to cope with the demands of competitive matches and intense practices.

Fix Your Shoulder And Pitch Pain-Free

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