How To Relieve Shoulder Pain Quickly Without Pills, Injections Or Trips To The Doctor’s Office

How To Relieve Shoulder Pain Quickly Without Pills, Injections Or Trips To The Doctor’s Office


Do you have aching shoulders that make it impossible to exercise, lift weights, or keep up with the grandchildren?

Are you sick of waking up with stiff, sore shoulders, and relying on painkillers to make it through the day?

If so, you’re not alone.

Shoulder pain is a common problem we treat at our clinic in Costa Mesa, CA, and we understand that shoulder pain has a huge impact on your life.

You might have tried stretches and exercise you found online…

Rested and avoided doing things that flare up your shoulder pain…

And even took drastic steps like injections, or even surgery, but found the problem keeps coming back.

There are a number of reasons for shoulder pain – whether that’s frozen shoulder, tendinitis, arthritis, or impingements, but in this blog we’re going to explore rotator cuff injuries – a common problem for athletes (especially baseball and softball pitchers), as well as people in later life.

What Does The Rotator Cuff Do?

Like most parts of the body, we don’t think about our rotator cuff until there is a problem.

However, your rotator cuff issue can have a great effect on your shoulder pain.

In fact, you use your rotator cuff many times a day to do even basic activities, such as throwing a baseball, lifting objects over your head, or even brushing your hair and teeth.

The rotator cuff’s role is made up of muscles that surround your shoulder joint, which guide your shoulder as it moves.

Therefore, when your rotator cuff becomes damaged, this can result in a poor range of motion in the shoulder and inflammation and pain.

How Does A Rotator Cuff Become Weakened Or Injured?

Usually, an injured rotator cuff is a result of you moving your shoulder in a forceful or repetitive movement.

The injury itself is pretty common, especially when you get older.

However, an injured rotator cuff can occur in anyone, no matter his or her age.

It is more commonly seen in older individuals, though.

In fact, studies show that 30% of individuals under the age of 70 and 70% of those over the age of 80 have experienced a rotator cuff tear.

How To Relieve Shoulder Pain For Good

Thankfully, there is hope for you and your shoulder pain – even if you’ve suffered for years, or been told you have to accept it because it’s part of your old age, or living the life you lead.

This recovery comes with strengthening the shoulder and practicing proper motion.

You can successfully strengthen your shoulder joint by utilizing anti-inflammatory treatments, such as ice applications, cortisone injections, and medications, along with physical therapy.

Your goal isn’t treating the rotator cuff itself, but instead, healing the muscles and tendons, which is accomplished by the methods just mentioned.

Natural Treatment For Shoulder Pain That Doesn’t Involve Medication

The following are some easy-to-follow treatment tips to reduce shoulder pain.

Ice And Rest Your Shoulder Frequently

Ideally, you will want to ice for around 10 minutes, directly on the joint.

Don’t worry if this causes the middle of your arm to ache (this is common).

And for rest, this isn’t the long-term solution – it’s just to give your shoulder time to recover, and the goal is to get you back to doing the things you love as quickly as is safe to do so.

Hug A Pillow While You Sleep

Using a pillow, by tucking it deep in your underarm can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep.

This works by keeping your shoulder joint properly spaced, and can mean it’s easier to get to sleep, you wake less during the night, and your shoulder isn’t sore in the morning.

We know how tough is it to perform at work, be fun with your friends and family, and feel energized after terrible sleep.

Improve Your Posture

Stand against a wall and squeeze your shoulder blades back and together.

Be sure you don’t shrug your shoulders and raise them up – if you notice your shoulders rising up, reset and try again.

This exercise will help retrain your shoulder to maintain proper posture which can play an important role in avoiding future shoulder injuries.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting can include repetitive reaching over your head, even if the object you are placing overhead is light.

Also, avoid carrying groceries on your injured shoulder.

While you might love lifting weights or want to be able to take care of everything around the house, while your shoulder is recovering, take it a little bit easier.

Again, our team put together plans every day that gradually and safely get people back to lifting weights in the gym, picking up their grandchildren, and playing sports, so this is a short-term strategy while your shoulder needs time to recover.

What Happens If These Tactics Don’t Make The Shoulder Pain Go Away?

If your shoulder pain doesn’t go away within 3-4 days of making these changes, you should seek help from an expert physical therapist.

The purpose of physical therapy is to improve the function of the muscles surrounding your shoulder, which helps the mobility of the joint.

Physical therapy specifically targets the small, but significant muscles in the shoulder that are often neglected.

When you strengthen these muscles through physical therapy, you can better compensate for the damaged tendons.

Physical Therapy To Treat Shoulder Pain

Our physical therapists perform their therapy in a soothing, gentle manner, and can educate you on the proper way to perform various exercises and techniques.

The work of our wonderful physical therapists will greatly accelerate the relief of your shoulder pain by restoring proper shoulder motion sooner.

Thankfully, many patients with rotator cuff tears will not require surgical treatment.

In most cases, physical therapy will be enough to remedy your shoulder issue.

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