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Jane N Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Jane N.

My orthopedic surgeon recommended Dr. Nowlin at Power PT for my frozen shoulder injury in early 2014. I was amazed by the steady progress and I eventually was able to have full mobility without stiffness and pain. Three years later, I came back to Power PT for a knee injury. When I first started, I walked with a limp and could not use the stairs without pain. After doing strengthening and balancing exercises for 6 weeks, I progressed well and now I can walk normally and take the stairs with no pain anymore, my knee muscles are stronger than ever before.

Marlyn R Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Marlyn R.

My experience here was great when I first came here I was in pain in my neck, shoulder area and lower back due to a car accident. I was not able to move my neck that well. My lower back pain didn’t let me sit properly or let me sit for long periods of time. With the PT, I had here with Dr. Mark it helped the pain go away and gave me full movement of my neck and full movement of my lower back.