Category: Post-Surgical

Stan B Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Stan B.

I was treated by Dr. Nowlin for bilateral total knee replacement and two separate (4 total) surgeries on both elbows. With his and his staff’s help/guidance, I was able to walk around Europe within six months of the surgery on my knees.

Julie B Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Julie B.

I came to Power Physical Therapy after a full knee replacement; at the time I was using a walker and had very limited movement. In the next six months, I gradually improved from using a one-pound ankle weight to lifting thirty pounds (on both legs) and walking without the walker.

John S Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

John S

I started coming to Power Physical Therapy after my second of four surgeries related to one knee injury. Throughout the one and half years of surgeries, I was unable to perform any physical activities that involved the knee. Due to the nature of the injury and recovery, my left quad, calf, and hamstring severely atrophied. During my tenure here, they were able to help rebuild much of my muscles and strength back where physical activities were possible. Though I was instructed never to play soccer again, I am still able to jog, lift, and do many of the activities I loved and thought I may not be able to do without pain.

Apr13th 2020

Ginger G.

Thank you, Stephanie, Erik, and Doctor Mark, for everything. I came in for your help after knee replacement surgery. I could barely walk or bend my knee and now I can walk miles and climb stairs thanks to all your help and time with me. My husband was a former patient with you and Power PT made him good as new. Thanks again for everything. I appreciate you all so much!

Gerardo C Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Gerardo C.

My experience at Power Physical Therapy was amazing. At first I was a bit scared going through the exercises, however, everyone working at the office was very helpful and patient during every exercise. The relationships that I have built with people working here are ones that I will always remember. All the exercises provided by the therapist are very helpful when recovering from an ACL and meniscus surgery. I could not have gone to a better therapy place than Power Physical Therapy.

Eddie M Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Eddie M.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here at Power Physical Therapy with Mark Nowlin and staff. From surgery to final PT session, I feel that my physical recovery has gone very well and steady improvements were noticeable on a weekly basis. My range of motion for my left knee was about 85% and after my sessions, I was able to get back to close to 100% at around 140˚.