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Sports Injuries


Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Your Sports Injury as Quickly as Possible

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, it is important to stay safe while performing your sport. Any injury sustained during physical activity can be categorized as a sports injury – and at Power Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we’re here to get you off the sidelines and back in the game!

Don’t simply wait around for your injury to heal – get back to the sport you love quicker with the help of one of our dedicated Costa Mesa, CA physical therapists.

How will physical therapy help my sports injury?

Our Costa Mesa, CA physical therapists are movement experts who can help you recover quickly and reach your physical goals. They will prescribe an individualized treatment plan for you based on your specific needs, in order to help get you back in the game as fast as possible. This will be done after first performing a diagnostic exam and the review of diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, MRI, or ultrasound. Treatment plans will take into account the nature of your injury, your fitness level, and your lifestyle.

Your plan will likely include manual therapy to increase your range of motion and reduce scar tissue, stretches to improve balance and mobility, and strengthening exercises to enhance the injured area, as well as its surrounding areas. These are all done to help you recover after your sports injury and to prevent further injuries from occurring in the future.

Common sports injuries

There are a number of different injuries that can occur while performing an athletic activity; however, the most common forms of sports injury include:

Knee injuries

Your knee is the most complex joint in your body and is, therefore, one of the most commonly injured body parts. Knee injuries may include dull aches that run from your hip to your knee, repetitive use injuries making it difficult to move the knee, or more severe injuries such as an ACL tear.


A sprain occurs when a ligament connecting one bone to another is stretched beyond its limits. Much like a strain, once a sprain occurs and a ligament is overstretched, it is more likely that it’ll occur again.

Strain or “pulled muscle”

A strain also referred to as a “pulled muscle,” occurs when a tendon connecting your muscle to bone is stretched beyond its limits. Once the tendon is overstretched, it is more likely that it will be strained once again.

Shin splints

The medical term for shin splints is “medial tibial stress syndrome,” referring to pain that is felt in the shin bones. This pain is typically caused by stress placed on the shinbone and the connective tissues surrounding it. Shin splints are painful and often debilitating; however, they can be avoided by wearing proper footwear, warming up before exercise, and strengthening your core and leg muscles.

Why did I develop a sports injury?

The term “sports injury” is all-encompassing, including any type of injury that occurs while performing athletic activity. It can happen just the same by lifting heavy weights at the gym or running in ill-fitted shoes, as it can by swinging a bat too aggressively or rolling your ankle on the soccer field.

One of the most important aspects of rehabilitating a sports injury is treating it as soon as possible. Your treatment plan and duration of recovery will vary depending on how severe the injury is, your health history, and whether or not the injury requires surgical intervention.

Ready to return to your sport? We can help

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Here’s People We’ve Helped Recently With Their Sports Injuries

Please enjoy these case-studies of other people just like you who came to see the Physical Therapy Team at Power Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine - and left much healthier and happier.

Robert A Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

When I first came to PT, I remember my knee being very swollen. I had a hard time with the bike riding and the heel downs were nearly impossible for me to do. I’ve come such a long way since me beginning here. 20 heel downs and I’ve doubled my weight in my leg exercises. Swelling is almost nonexistent and pain is virtually gone. Thank you!

- Robert A.

Olof D Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I strained my hamstring running, and was unable to run, bike, or engage in many of my other hobbies. The Power PT team has helped me recover quickly, as well as helping me ramp back up at a safe but fast rate.

- Olof D.

Mathieu A Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I had injured my calf training for a half marathon when I came in. I had taken a week off thinking it would simply go away, but when it didn’t I decided to seek help. Dr. Mark diagnosed a calf strain and through different exercises, stretches, and massages, I was able to slowly recover. While I wasn’t able to run the half marathon by precaution because I was only 5-6 weeks away from the injury, I did run my fastest 5k without any pain or re-injury.

- Mathieu A.

Kristen L Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

Before coming to Power Physical Therapy, I had so many injuries. For 2 years, I had knee tears and pain on my right side. My athletic trainer told me to come here and strengthen my knee for the next season. At first, I was a bit afraid of going to a new place and meeting new people whom I would have to be vulnerable with on my injury. However, when I arrived, everyone was so thoughtful, empathetic, and supportive; they cheered me on with my successes and assisted me during hardships.

- Kristen L.

John B Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I appreciate the professionalism of the staff and their patience with my treatment. I could not ride my bike before treatment and now I can. Riding the bike is critical to my recovery. I am very proud of my new knee and could not have gotten to use it properly if it were not for Power PT.

- John B.

Bill C Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

After my knee injury, I could not do any of the activities I enjoyed. Power PT helped me get back on track and start biking, running, and hiking!

- Bill C.

Ashley S Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

My experience at Power Physical therapy has helped me get through my second ACL repair. While was I was rehabilitating my knee here, I realized my soccer career was far from over. The help I’ve received from Dr. Mark and everyone here was not only physically helpful, challenging and progressive, but positive and uplifting. I’ve enjoyed my time here rehabilitating my knee. It is overall a great facility and community. Thank you!

- Ashley S.

Fortino R Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I came to PT because of pain in my IT band. This kept me from running for almost a year. I tried a lot of different workouts to fix my problem but nothing worked. I gave Power Physical Therapy a try and came in 3 times a week. A few months later, I’ve run 2 half marathons and on my way to run a full marathon overall, Mark and his team worked their magic and got me feeling 100%. Thanks to them, I am able to continue to do something that I love. RUN!

- Fortino R.

Manny M. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I was suffering major pain for my lower back and even used to have to miss work due to not being able to get up from bed. PT helped me by customizing a plan fit for my needs that worked for my busy schedule. I work 7 days a week, so having a pain-free back is essential. With their help, I was able to quadruple my running time on the treadmill. I was able to attend boxing and kickboxing classes again, and more importantly I was able to keep working without having to miss time.

- Manny M.

Kristin G. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

My experience with Power PT was life-changing! Sports-related injuries over years of running track left me with a dull lower back pain that consistently persisted. I had trouble doing most physical activities. Before physical therapy, I was in pain after standing or sitting for long periods of time. After three months of PT, I am doing great! I am able to run, hike and most physical activities without back pain. I would not be doing great without the help of Eric and Dr. Mark. Thank you for giving me my life back!!

- Kristin G.

Daniel S. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I came here for PT after experiencing a lot of tightness and pain in and around my neck primarily related to a prior surgery. I had difficulty sleeping without intense pain. Going through PT, I have noticed a huge improvement. The patient-focused, friendly therapy I have received here has helped me get better sleep at night and work without being a pain the neck. Thank you Dr. Mark!

- Daniel S.