Patient Testimonials

Anna C Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

My name is Anna Caldera. I came with a knee injury and couldn’t bend my knee. But each day, each visit I made little by little progress and now I am almost to a full function. I am grateful to everyone who helped me to get where I am today. People are amazing!

- Anna C.
Galatea S Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

Power Physical Therapy is great! I’ve been here for almost a full year and there was never a moment that I disliked. The staff was always kind and they made me feel a part of their family! Regarding movements I had issues with throughout my rehabilitation; my posterior knee definitely bugged me! However, Dr. Mark was always there to reassure me of my inquiries and accommodated for it. Keep up the good work Power PT!

- Galatea S.
Ashley S Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

My experience at Power Physical therapy has helped me get through my second ACL repair. While was I was rehabilitating my knee here, I realized my soccer career was far from over. The help I’ve received from Dr. Mark and everyone here was not only physically helpful, challenging and progressive, but positive and uplifting. I’ve enjoyed my time here rehabilitating my knee. It is overall a great facility and community. Thank you!

- Ashley S.
Bob S Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

When I came in, my hips were very stiff and painful. In the three months of physical therapy at Power Physical Therapy and homework assignments while away from Mark and company, my range of motion strength, strength and stamina are much improved. Even better than that is my pain is drastically reduced. Much thanks to Mark and the company at Power Physical Therapy.

- Bob S.
Fortino R Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I came to PT because of pain in my IT band. This kept me from running for almost a year. I tried a lot of different workouts to fix my problem but nothing worked. I gave Power Physical Therapy a try and came in 3 times a week. A few months later, I’ve run 2 half marathons and on my way to run a full marathon overall, Mark and his team worked their magic and got me feeling 100%. Thanks to them, I am able to continue to do something that I love. RUN!

- Fortino R.
Donovan R. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I have been to Power PT multiple times. I’ve come here for a quad injury, a sprained ankle, and a patellar tendon injury. They have helped me recover from every one of these injuries. The longest it’s taken me to recover has been about three months. I would credit Power Physical Therapy for these quick recoveries. I have not experienced any other issues with these past injuries. If I have any problems in the future, I would definitely come back.

- Donovan R.
Erik A Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

I came into Power Physical Therapy for ACL/LCL recovery. Like any new process, I was nervous about it and the outcome. However, Dr. Mark and his team worked with me every step of the way and trained me on all the exercises I needed to perform in order to regain full range of motion. The hardest part of the recovery was regaining full range of motion, but through regular visits to Power Physical Therapy, I was able to fully flex and extend the knee.

- Erik A.

I came to Power PT with a tailbone injury. Dr. Nowlin and his staff were very welcoming, friendly and empathetic of my situation. I was given easy to remember stretches and exercises that I could do at home. As weeks of physical therapy continued, Dr. Nowlin added exercises to build strength and help me in my road to recovery. Dr. Nowlin would take the time to listen to any concerns I had and answer all my questions. Dr. Nowlin’s staff was always smiling and maintained positive and professional attitudes. I would recommend Power PT to anyone with any type of injury!

- Kristin A.
Chris M. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy

This is my second time coming for a different injury and my experience was as great as the first time. When I came in for my neck issues, I had problems loosening up certain areas and was really stiff. Fast forward 6 weeks and I feel much looser and flexible with exercises I had trouble with in the beginning. My traps have gotten much stronger which is the last thing I expected, considering I had neck issues. I am beyond happy with my Physical Therapy experience.

- Chris M.

Thank you, Stephanie, Erik, and Doctor Mark, for everything. I came in for your help after knee replacement surgery. I could barely walk or bend my knee and now I can walk miles and climb stairs thanks to all your help and time with me. My husband was a former patient with you and Power PT made him good as new. Thanks again for everything. I appreciate you all so much!

- Ginger G.

I highly recommend Power Physical Therapy to anyone in the OC area. I sprained my tendon and have been going to Dr. Nowlin for about 3 weeks and am seeing a lot of improvement. His staff is also great and really committed to the patient’s needs.

- Brittany L.

Dr. Nowlin and his staff are professional, attentive, and knowledgeable. Who would have thought therapy could be enjoyable:) I would definitely recommend Power Physical Therapy!

- Arlene M.

Highly recommend if you have an injury of any type and severity, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

- Garrett P.

I came in with an Achille’s avulsion that wasn’t pretty. I had never experienced an injury like this before and didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Nowlin and his fun staff did their best to make my recovery a very enjoyable experience. He is a very kind, caring, patient and knowledgeable professional.

- Phuong N.

Dr. Nowlin is great! He helped me get back into running after i had surgery on both my legs. As a college athlete, I really appreciated his willingness to meet me where I was at.

- Devin S.