Theresia S.

Theresia S Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

I arrived at Power PT shortly after major surgery to my left leg and ankle. I had fallen downstairs at work and then needed emergency surgery to mend a broken tibia, fibula, and a shattered ankle. Dr. Nowlin first saw me when I had numerous screws in my leg and ankle, a 6-8 inch plate along the lower portion of my leg/ankle, and a rod running down the length of my tibia. I was in pain and needed to build strength and walk. Dr. Nowlin was a God-send, and determined to get me to where I needed to be…he knew what was possible, and he didn’t let up for a minute. His positive determination was contagious. If he said I could do something, then I knew I could do it. After weeks of strength building, coordination exercises, stretching, etc., it wasn’t long before we saw improvement. I was soon able to walk with the use of a cane. But then we reached a plateau and had difficulty with the ankle range of motion improving beyond where it was at that time…mostly due to the hardware in my ankle impeding further movement. After discussing this problem with my surgeon, I underwent another surgery to remove all the hardware…and once again I was seeing Dr. Nowlin, but now without all the screws, plates and rod hindering movement. Dr. Nowlin soon added a new treatment to our regimen-a rapid release treatment, hoping to break down the scar tissue that had built up under all the incisions. The process seemed slow, but improvement in range of motion became quite visible. Before the second surgery to take out all the hardware, I was not able to walk down stairs easily – I had to take each step by bringing one foot to the other at each step. However, after the second surgery, and after a few weeks using the RRT method, I discovered I could walk down stairs normally – one foot at each step. This was a “hurrah” moment!! Range of motion had definitely improved! I am now a “graduate”. I would (and will) recommend Power PT to anyone in need of therapy to achieve the best physical outcome for themselves. Dr. Mark Nowlin and his entire staff are dedicated to their profession. Dr. Nowlin will take the time to develop a plan for your particular needs, work closely with you each step of the way, and use whatever methods available to optimize your health outcome…and during your journey he and his staff will encourage you the whole way, because they care!