Category: Manual Therapy

Jane N Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Jane N.

My orthopedic surgeon recommended Dr. Nowlin at Power PT for my frozen shoulder injury in early 2014. I was amazed by the steady progress and I eventually was able to have full mobility without stiffness and pain. Three years later, I came back to Power PT for a knee injury. When I first started, I walked with a limp and could not use the stairs without pain. After doing strengthening and balancing exercises for 6 weeks, I progressed well and now I can walk normally and take the stairs with no pain anymore, my knee muscles are stronger than ever before.

Frank W Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Frank W.

I came in after a meniscus repair. The physical therapy was well paced. The staff was attentive to any discomfort and adjusted the program accordingly. When I came in, I had trouble just going up and down the stairs. Now I feel confidant resuming my normal activities. The biggest difference here versus other physical therapy facilities is the personal attention. There is always someone following you through the exercises and keeping track of your progress.

Robert D Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Robert D.

I came to Power Physical Therapy with a neck that I could not turn fully because of a back injury. I was in pain, not sleeping well, and couldn’t do my usual routine. So glad I found Power PT. Dr. Mark, Stephanie, and everyone else there was a huge help! No pain now I can turn my head, I am sleeping fine, and am getting more exercise than ever. My posture is also much better. Highly recommend Power!