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Zubair A Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Zubair A.

My back has been injured twice and with the help of Dr. Mark, I have been able to heal and continue with an active lifestyle. Initially, the pain was so bad I couldn’t even sneeze without feeling discomfort! After about one month of therapy, I was able to heal up and was completely back to normal. I want to thank Dr. Mark and his staff for their hard work and dedication.

Robert D Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Robert D.

I came to Power Physical Therapy with a neck that I could not turn fully because of a back injury. I was in pain, not sleeping well, and couldn’t do my usual routine. So glad I found Power PT. Dr. Mark, Stephanie, and everyone else there was a huge help! No pain now I can turn my head, I am sleeping fine, and am getting more exercise than ever. My posture is also much better. Highly recommend Power!

Marlyn R Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Marlyn R.

My experience here was great when I first came here I was in pain in my neck, shoulder area and lower back due to a car accident. I was not able to move my neck that well. My lower back pain didn’t let me sit properly or let me sit for long periods of time. With the PT, I had here with Dr. Mark it helped the pain go away and gave me full movement of my neck and full movement of my lower back.

Manny M. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Manny M.

I was suffering major pain for my lower back and even used to have to miss work due to not being able to get up from bed. PT helped me by customizing a plan fit for my needs that worked for my busy schedule. I work 7 days a week, so having a pain-free back is essential. With their help, I was able to quadruple my running time on the treadmill. I was able to attend boxing and kickboxing classes again, and more importantly I was able to keep working without having to miss time.

Kristin G. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Kristin G.

My experience with Power PT was life-changing! Sports-related injuries over years of running track left me with a dull lower back pain that consistently persisted. I had trouble doing most physical activities. Before physical therapy, I was in pain after standing or sitting for long periods of time. After three months of PT, I am doing great! I am able to run, hike and most physical activities without back pain. I would not be doing great without the help of Eric and Dr. Mark. Thank you for giving me my life back!!

Jorge M. Success Story from Power Physical Therapy Apr13th 2020

Jorge M.

I came in having just re-straining my lower back six weeks before my wedding with lots of pain and limited motion. Dr. Mark got me on the path to feeling better and getting range of motion back on day one. I am confident that his care helped me to be able to dance and have most of my mobility back for my wedding. I came in not being able to put on shoes or pants from pain and I left being able to touch my toes pain-free.